About Lauren's Bat Mitzvah

About the Day Out of Town?

What is a Bat Mitzvah


In the Jewish tradition when a child turns 13, they become ethically and morally responsible for their own behavior.  For a boy, this is called a Bar Mitzvah, for a girl, it's a Bat Mitzvah.  We celebrate with a ceremony, marking their entrance into the adult Jewish community.

Lauren has been working hard, preparing for this day.  She's attended both relgious school and hebrew school for several years, has learned to read specific texts in Hewbrew, study them, and develop her own understanding of these texts, and how they impact us today.  As part of the service, Lauren will discuss her readings, and share with us her insights.


When and Where


The Bat Mitzvah service begins at 10:30am at Shir Hadash, 20 Cherry Blossom Lane, Los Gatos, CA.


At around noon, immediately following the service, we will host a luncheon for all of our guests at Shir Hadash.  The luncheon will end at approximately 2pm.

What to Wear


Dress is not formal, but is respectful - look your Sunday (Saturday) best.

For ladies:  covered shoulders and midriffs - modestly dressed in skirt or dress.

For gentlemen: no jeans, jacket is nice.  Tie is optional.